Standard Hardwood Veneers

maple finish detail - instrument stand cherry finish detail - instrument stand

Each Helstrom stand uses only the highest-quality veneers and finishes. Our standard veneers are maple and cherry bonded to high-density particle board for strength We have all of our stands in stock in these two finishes (violin/viola in cherry only). If you are interested in a different wood, or colored stain, we will custom finish a stand to your specifications.

When you order a custom color, we will contact you to request a color sample. Once we receive your color sample, we will create a stain to match the color and finish the stand specifically for you. Feel free to contact us any time if you have questions about the process.

Choose virtually any color Custom Stains only $89

guitar stand custom color options

Hundreds of hardwoods available Custom Hardwood Veneers

guitar stand hardwood veneers

If you'd like a custom hardwood veneer, contact us to discuss our range of wood options.