Frequently Asked Questions

About the Instrument Stands

Will the stand scratch my instruments?
No – the neck and body of your instruments are safe. We've lined the stands’ contact points with high-quality felt, cushioning your instrument and protecting it against wear.
Why is high-density fiberboard used instead of solid wood?
The Helstrom stands’ elegant, elgongated curves would not be possible without its high-density fiberboard core. The high-density fiberboard does not warp, crack, or split and is extremely strong. High-density fiberboard also readily accepts stains for stunning color or veneers for complete customization of your stand.
Is there any difference between the mandolin & banjo stands?
No – the mandolin and banjo stands are exactly the same. The stand was designed to fit both instruments perfectly. If you play both the banjo and the mandolin, this stand will work great!
Is there any difference between the violin & viola stands?
No – the violin and viola stands are exactly the same.
Why did Jon Helstrom design the instrument stands?
Jon Helstrom is an accomplished architect with a love for music and guitars. We decided to design and build better quality, more beautiful stands worthy of our favorite instruments.
Do world famous musicians use Helstrom stands?
Yes. We can't afford celebrity endorsements, but trust us, our stands are used by many professional musicians.

Dealer Inquiries & Bulk Orders

Do you offer a discount on bulk orders
Yes, give us a call at 218-722-7707 and we can arrange discounted pricing if you are ordering more than one stand. Inquiries from dealers are also welcome.

Shipping Information

When will my order ship?
We ship weekly, so chances are your stand will be sent within a few days of ordering. If you need something shipped more quickly, give us a call at 218-722-7707 and we'll see what we can do.
Do you offer expedited shipping?
Yes. Give us a call at 218-722-7707 and we'll make sure you get your stand by when you need it.